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Discover the unique features of TEFLOnline.com.

Responsive Design

TEFLOnline.com can be completed on any device. On the go? Work on your course from your phone or tablet!

Easy Navigation

When you log in to your TEFLOnline.com course, you’ll see your course components outlined right on the navigation menu. The progress bar also helps you manage your time effectively.

Tutor Support

Your qualified and experienced personal TEFL tutor is there to guide you through the course. Use the tutor feed function to ask questions about what you’re learning. Receive detailed feedback and grades on written assignments via the essay submission portal.

TEFL Videos

Watch videos featuring real EFL teachers in the classroom in order to observe the techniques you’re learning about and to get ideas for new games and teaching strategies.

Interactive Content

Content is designed to directly involve you in your learning, keeping the course interesting. Clickable practice quizzes and fun exercises in every module ensure you're actively engaged in your TEFL training.

Learn About Teaching Your Way Around the World!

Download our country specific guides to make your dream of living abroad a reality.

TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma
TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma
TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma
TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma
TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

Our country guides include:

  • Culture, language, things to do and see

  • Cost of living, sample cost guide

  • Demand for teachers, hiring season, hiring process, and salaries

  • How to find jobs, interview tips, work visa processes

Download Free BridgeTEFL Country Guides

  • BrazilBrazil
  • Costa RicaCosta Rica
  • SpainSpain
  • ChileChile
  • Czech RepublicCzech Republic
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • ChinaChina
  • JaponJapan
  • ThailandThailand

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TEFLOnline.com Reviews

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TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

"I have been teaching for four years and some at a secondary school and there are things that I learned with you that I never knew about. I have used many of the games and activities in my class and have improved in my lesson planning. I take joy in doing it since the ideas just keep flowing, thanks to you. Thank you Bridge for opening up to me a whole lot of opportunity for development. "

Keisha Peltier TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

"I loved the Professional Diploma course! It is highly professional, thoroughly enjoyable and motivational with practical videos and tutor feedback. The modules are well structured, compact and interesting. It is the kind of practical material you will want to print out and keep at hand wherever you go to teach."

Marju Seim TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

"The classes are top notch in terms of being professional and the content rigorous enough to be meaningful! The real world applications make the training ultimately useful. (how to approach your first day on the job when you don't speak the local language and the students speak no English, for example). My tutor gave me substantive, specific feedback, honest and meaningful, not just a copy/paste from some other student's feedback. I was impressed by her depth and by the time she put into reading my essays."

Carrie Hickman TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

"I came to the course for the credential and came away with so much more. It has been a delight to take the course, I have over 20 years of teaching experience and I still learned a multitude of new ideas, and processes."

Mike Constable TEFLOnline.com Professional Diploma

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